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Morriston Hospital News

Exterior view of Main Entrance to Morriston Hospital.

30/11/2022 - BHF funding offers hope for inherited cardiac conditions patients

23/11/2022 - Father enjoys quality family time again thanks to brain injury service

18/11/2022 - Surgeon reattaches joiner's thumb after saw accident

09/11/2022 - Runner puts in hard yards to help brain injury service that treated best friend

08/11/2022 - Ellie has a ball highlighting warning signs of diabetes

28/10/2022 - Miniature MRI makes child's play of scary scans for youngsters in hospital

18/10/2022 - Burns patient's stark warning about the potential dangers of hot water bottles

14/10/2022 - Lab technician who caught Covid during pandemic issues vaccination plea

12/10/2022 - Heart surgeon gives up hols to operate on Afghan refugees in Pakistan

10/10/2022 - Family raises £20K for cancer research in Swansea Bay

04/10/2022 - Hospital team discovers why a routine treatment for severe Covid-19 can fail

04/10/2022 - Ukrainian refugees help hospital project bloom to say thanks to community

03/10/2022 - Our unique solar farm is a shining success

03/10/2022 - Warm embrace for Swansea team's way of keeping elderly fallers out of hospital

03/10/2022 - Surgeons working 50 miles apart defy Covid to keep life-saving surgery going

29/09/2022 - Covid commemorative project close to completion across four hospitals

29/09/2022 - Young Mostyn goes a long way to thank hospital staff

27/09/2022 - Climber's recovery from cliff fall to conquering the Alps

21/09/2022 - Annual memorial rugby tournament passes £30,000 to help tackle genetic heart conditions

05/09/2022 - Robert Croft bowled over by treatment that "kept my mum alive"

26/08/2022 - Ashley's taking recovery step by step a year after leaving hospital

04/08/2022 - Generous gifts mean extra play for children's ward

01/08/2022 - Student nurse points out the dangers of disrespecting the water

28/07/2022 - It's time to talk about organ donation

27/07/2022 - Lucy's love for her job recognised by UK cancer charity

26/07/2022 - Heartfelt donation provides major boost for specialist team

25/07/2022 - Hospital doctor prescribes reading in bed to boost well-being

08/07/2022 - Burns nurse issues warning as temperatures soar

29/06/2022 - Major step forward for new Adult Thoracic Surgical centre of excellence serving South Wales

29/06/2022 - Carpenter still at work after nearly slicing off his fingers says thanks to Morriston Hospital

28/06/2022 - Plans for Vascular Hybrid Theatre at Morriston Hospital get a major boost

23/06/2022 - Patient's praise following improvement in IBD care and recruitment

21/06/2022 - Reverend's grand gesture to team that performed life-saving surgery

15/06/2022 - Former burns patient full of thanks for her heroes

14/06/2022 - Father proclaims intention to trek 550 miles to thank NHS

10/06/2022 - Love knows no bounds when it comes to where you get married

06/06/2022 - Learn, don't burn this summer

30/05/2022 - Hospital's new-look garden a blooming success with patients

12/05/2022 - One-in-a-million nurse bids farewell to NHS after epic 46 year career

09/05/2022 - Hospital's key workers put in the picture by grateful pupils

29/04/2022 - Nurse's shock diagnosis leads to three peaks challenge

25/04/2022 - A cwtch is helping to keep elderly people out of hospital after a fall

14/04/2022 - New summer house set to enhance learning disabilities unit

30/03/2022 - Stroke survivor sings the praises of music therapy service

25/03/2022 - Cutting-edge 3D technology gives disabled people more independence

24/03/2022 - Sounds of emergency department inspire instrumental music

22/03/2022 - Hospital's catering staff helped fuel response to pandemic

17/03/2022 - Young patients become trainee biomedical scientists for the day at Morriston Hospital

15/03/2022 - Retired hero cop forever grateful to NHS for saving his life after suffering heart attack

18/02/2022 - Older people offered first aid advice for burns amidst fuel crisis fears

19/01/2022- Seeds of change sown for crops to be grown on Morriston Hospital land


31/12/2021 - New surgical instrument invented by Morriston plastic surgeon

20/12/2022 - National Elf Service spreads some festive cheer on the children's ward

02/12/2022 - Filipino nurses celebrate their 20th anniversary

01/12/2021 - Mother gifts toys to children's wards in memory of lifesaving son

22/11/2021 - Outpatient service establishes new treatment for neurological conditions

11/11/2021 - Grateful patient helps us pause to remember the fallen

28/10/2021 - Green for go at Morriston Hospital's unique new solar farm

27/10/2021 - Simple exercise could spare patients chronic pain or disability after chest injury

26/10/2021 - Emergency department nurse's heartfelt gesture to comfort grieving children

18/10/2021 - Morriston professor receives prestigious award from Danish university

13/10/2021 - From a girl who dreamt of being a nurse to retiring aged 75

08/10/2021 - Students' praise for teaching doctors

29/09/2021 - State-of-the-art stroke unit proposed for Morriston Hospital

14/09/2021 - Meet one of the nurses who talks to families on the 'most difficult days of their lives'

31/08/2021 - Hospital test drives new virtual waiting room in patients' cars

31/08/2021 - Genetic cardiac testing service made permanent

26/08/2021 - Prioritisation for urgently needed blood tests

06/08/2021 - Gold medal recognition for Swansea Bay UHB's medical device training team

30/07/2021 - Recognition for Swansea Bay nurse in Nursing Times awards

28/07/2021 - ED nurses win award for protecting vulnerable children and adults during pandemic

26/07/2021 - Centres of Excellence proposed for Swansea Bay hospitals

22/07/2021 - Staff members' international sporting success

21/07/2021 - The Scar Free Foundation and Health and Care Research Wales launch world-leading 3-year programme of facial reconstruction research

20/07/2021 - Public urged to enjoy the hot weather safely

20/07/2021 - Green zone created outside Morriston Hospital

16/07/2021 - Children presenting with sunburn in Morriston Hospital prompts warning

15/07/2021 - ED reception staff experience rise in verbal abuse

14/06/2021 - Emergency department just for older people opens

10/07/2021 - Overdoses - warning update

08/07/2021 - Piano firm in grand gesture of thanks to hospital staff

07/07/2021 - Swansea Bay patients and staff play crucial role in life-saving Covid-19 research

14/06/2021 - Hospital department just for frail older people opens

19/05/2021 - Special clinic vaccinates those at risk of rare reaction

20/04/2021 - Hospital poet hopes words help counter Covid loss

06/04/2021 - Emergency Department choir is critical to staff wellbeing

23/03/2021 - Swansea Bay observes first ever Covid Memorial Day

08/03/2021 - Researchers venture into Covid hotspots

17/02/2021 - Smoking ban in hospital grounds becomes law on 1st March

16/02/2021 - ED staff awards helps resuscitate morale during pandemic

15/02/2021 - Patients to take part in life-saving study

22/01/2021 - "We have lost five Covid patients in a single shift in intensive care"

15/01/2021 - Warning as cardiac patients put off urgent heart scans


30/12/2020 - Frontline staff receive New Year Honours

29/12/2020 - Morriston the first hospital in Wales to develop its own solar farm

16/12/2020 - Covid deaths tragically hitting new high in Swansea Bay hospitals

16/12/2020 - Winter wonderland opens in Morriston Hospital garden

14/12/2020 - Some planned surgery postponed due to Covid pressures

27/10/2020 - The pen really is mightier than the sword for Swansea Bay patient

26/10/2020 - Strict infection control measures remain in place at Morriston Hospital as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak

20/10/2020 - Resumption of laboratory testing service

20/10/2020 - Swansea Bay UHB - Update on Covid-19 outbreaks

13/10/2020 - Routine cardiac surgery temporarily suspended at Morriston Hospital because of Covid-19 outbreak

09/10/2020 - Swansea Bay employees feature in Queen's Birthday Honours List

08/10/2020 - Temporary changes to blood test arrangements in Swansea Bay

23/09/2020 - Covid survivor's plea to stay safe

24/08/2020 - Morriston Hospital team awarded Welsh Government grant for Covid-19 research

07/08/2020 - Plasma therapy could be given to Covid patients in Morriston intensive care

03/08/2020 - Callum back on his feet after coma

28/07/2020 - Student on NHS frontline during Covid-19

07/07/2020 - Morriston unit gets elderly people home

18/06/2020 - Dozens of patients in Swansea join up for Covid-19 trial

15/06/2020 - Swansea team pioneers new technique for skin cancer procedure

05/06/2020 - New team provides support for Covid patients at home

04/06/2020 - Patients with Covid-19 give blood to help fight pandemic

28/05/2020 - Outpatient waiting areas at Morriston transformed

22/05/2020 - Motorcyclists urged to take care

15/05/2020 - Heartbreak and joy for frontline nurses in Morriston

06/05/2020 - PPE donation tribute to stalwart fundraiser

05/05/2020 - Councillor praises Morriston Hospital "magician" after farm accident

30/04/2020 - Temporary suspension of patients admitted to Ty Olwen

24/04/2020 - First two ventilated COVID patients go home

21/04/2020 - Teamwork sees new children's unit at Morriston open in just two weeks

18/04/2020 - Very sad death of a Morriston Hospital healthcare assistant who was being treated for COVID-19

17/04/2020 - Emergency Department choir teams up with soul singer Heather Small to perform 'Proud'

15/04/2020 - Dental nurse very sadly dies after being treated for COVID-19

10/04/2020 - Consultants issue urgent message over cardiac concerns

08/04/2020 - Easter lockdown could turn up heat on busy hospitals

27/03/2020 - Swansea Bay gets ready for COVID-19

25/03/2020 - Fears lockdown will increase DIY and garden injuries

13/03/2020 - Acting star's dad thanks NHS and the surgeon who saved his hand

13/03/2020 - COVID-19: temporary changes to some of our services

25/02/2020 - Cartoon will put young patients at ease

18/02/2020 - Green-fingered volunteers start transforming hospital grounds into healthy gardens

11/02/2020 - Green light for green energy

04/02/2020 - Worldwide recognition for Swansea team

20/01/2020 - Patient's boost for breast reconstruction

09/01/2020 - Interns undergo "unbelievable" change just 10 weeks into jobs

07/01/2020 - Healthy lifestyle lessons for cardiac patients



16/12/2019 - Santa brings virtual cheer to Morriston Hospital's children's wards

09/12/2019 - Volunteers thanked for year of help at festive celebration

06/12/2019 - Robotic technology frees up hospital pharmacists

12/11/2019 - Full steam ahead as vintage tractor rally raises money for Swansea artificial limb centre

07/11/2019 - Critically ill patient care boosted by bedside technology

29/10/2019 - Vomiting bug strikes 75 patients and staff

25/10/2019 - Urgent norovirus message

24/10/2019 - Nurses give first-hand account of flu on the ward

08/10/2019 - Handyman praises ward which helped save hand chopped off by saw

08/10/2019 - Burns Centre highlighting dangers for babies and toddlers

03/10/2019 - Memorial rugby tournament helps tackle heart disease

01/10/2019 - Consultant prescribes the gym before surgery

27/09/2019 - Chance to get hands-on at Morriston Hospital open day

24/09/2019 - Golfers thank hospital with fundraising drive

17/09/2019 - New project searches for hidden talent

17/09/2019 - Swansea Bay innovation benefits renal patients

14/09/2019 - The plot thickens for charity football team

04/09/2019 - Treatment waits cut by new plastics unit

03/09/2019 - Treatment waits cut by new plastics unit

24/07/2019 - Remarkable recovery after horror smash

23/07/2019 - Money donated to Morriston Hospital

22/07/2019 - Mum and daughter's charitable donation

17/07/2019 - Morriston marathon men are record breakers!

09/07/2019 - Patients join Morriston clinical trial

02/07/2019 - New play uses words of people reaching the end of life

19/06/2019 - Reducing antibiotic overuse at Morriston Hospital

15/05/2019 - Morriston Hospital consultant takes on new role

10/05/2019 - Swansea Bay clinicians take Wales-wide roles

08/05/2019 - Farmer who lost hand in accident donates to ward

25/04/2019 - Nurse's hot water bottle safety warning

18/04/2019 - Hospital courtyards to be transformed

05/04/2019 - Award for Sarah Hemington-Gorse

03/04/2019 - Cancer charity presents cheque to plastic surgery team

02/04/2019 - Your votes could help make everything in our hospital gardens rosy

27/03/2019 - Grand Slam gesture by Ospreys and Wales rugby star

19/03/2019 - Time will tell historians of the future what the NHS is like today

14/03/2019 - ABMU Nurse Takes Leave to Help Out in Africa

11/03/2019 - Community team hailed a 'God send' for frail patients

07/03/2019 - Health Minister Vaughan Gething launches pioneering Morriston centre

22/02/2019 - Patients go home sooner thanks to specialist team...Plus a personal insight into Breaking the Cycle.

19/02/2019 - Jonathan wins award for 3D printing project to support wheelchair users

14/02/2019 - Medical students' rap video goes International

08/02/2019 - Morriston ED staff's zero tolerance warning after violent incident

24/01/2019 - Healthy people's poo could hold the secret to tackling obesity and diabetes

15/01/2019 - Swansea nurse walks 324 miles as part of pedometer challenge

11/01/2019 - Jax the cockerpoo makes debut at Morriston Hospital



02/01/2018 - Fellowship honour for Morriston Hospital consultant renal pharmacist Chris Brown

14/12/2018 - Morriston cardiac specialist receives outstanding award before retirement

05/12/2018 - Digital innovation in Morriston renal unit under the spotlight during AM’s visit

04/12/2018 - Morriston opens specialist unit for patients with breathing failure

09/11/2018 - New home for Morriston centre named after inspirational nurse Jill Rowe

06/11/2018 - New group helps patients who have lost a lower limb regain independence

02/11/2018 - Morriston Hospital gets new specialist facilities at a cost of £1.1 million

16/10/2018 - Dad cycles from Land’s End to John O’Groats 14 months after heart attack

16/10/2018 - Morriston team helping older people get back on their feet after a fall

21/09/2018 - Pioneering Morriston team hosts visit by leading young US researcher

14/09/2018 - Vaughan Gething guest at World Sepsis Day event in Morriston Hospital

14/09/2018 - ABMU celebrates its brightest and best young doctors

22/08/2018 - Nic gets on his bike to raise funds for heartfelt donation

21/08/2018 - Innovative Morriston medicines team has prescription for success

17/08/2018 - Second Sepsis 6k charity run to take place in Swansea

09/08/2018 - 3D printing facts to the max for Chinese students

18/07/2018 - Donation will see relatives’ room revamped

09/07/2018 - Staff feeling fighting fit, thanks to wellbeing champion Jade

06/07/2019 - Seriously injured motorbike passenger issues warning

04/07/2018 - Stay safe in the sun warning after heatwave leads to sunburn admissions

03/07/2018 - Michael Sheen supports ABMU book celebrating 70 years of the NHS

29/06/2018 - Motorcyclists warned to wear protective clothing in hot weather

22/06/2018 - Roger named national NHS star for going beyond the call of duty

04/06/2018 - Cardiac team up for two awards for putting patients at the heart of care

22/05/2018 - Japanese visitors check out community dental service

14/05/2018 - Children's passports help ease the way during hospital journey

03/05/2018 - Surgeon Tom on his way to the USA after being awarded travel scholarship

30/04/2018 - Professor’s prestigious role with Royal College of Surgeons

10/04/2018 - Patient's gift celebrates nursing - at the sharp end

03/04/2018 - Swansea mini-stroke clinic in the running for national award

23/03/2018 - Nurse Nathan's £500 donation will help children across South Wales

28/02/2018 - Minister gets first-hand experience of apprentices’ success stories

23/02/2018 - Royal celebration for Morriston Hospital League of Friends

16/02/2018 - Wales first as surgeons use 3D printed implant after removing chest tumour

14/02/2018 - Lisa’s clocking up the miles on latest charity challenge

05/02/2018 - Welsh sculpture unveiling is ABMU's first event to mark the NHS at 70

02/02/2018 - Fantastic Plastic Sam shares the love with sixth Valentine's fundraiser

30/01/2018 - Morriston team awarded £150,000 grant for heart research study

29/01/2018 - Sculpture commemorates burns centre's relationship with steelworks

23/01/2018 - Swans charity supports patients recovering from brain injuries

19/01/2018 - Family of gas explosion survivor Kyle donates to Morriston burns centre

17/01/2018 - Break the Cycle scheme eases winter pressures on hospital wards

17/01/2018 - Lily gets running for Coronary Care Unit

10/01/2018 - Morriston Hospital hosts workshop for tomorrow’s physiotherapists



18/12/2017 - Couple’s fundraising pays off for cancer patients

13/12/2017 - New chapter for hospital worker as first poetry collection is published

13/12/2017 - Patients in two hospitals to benefit from group's generous donation

12/12/2017 - Rotarians’ early Christmas presents to young emergency patients

08/12/2017 - Kind-hearted Morriston cardiac team sends gifts to Ukraine children

06/12/2017 - Golfers tee off to provide major boost for ward

05/12/2017 - Christmas carol service to unite bereaved families

28/11/2017 - Surgical unit celebrates helping its 10,000th patient in just two years

27/11/2017 - Health staff help spread the word on heart condition

23/11/2017 - Get up and go! - why too much bed rest can be bad for patients

22/11/2017 - Digital revolution in patient care to start in Morriston Hospital

21/11/2017 - New Zealand hospitals join Morriston team's life-saving research

16/11/2017 - Farmer’s bonfire warning after fireball injuries

07/11/2017 - Award for Dafydd as Morriston takes digital transformation to next level

03/11/2017 - Monster mash at Morriston ALAC

03/11/2017 - Charities help create new quiet room for surgical patients

27/10/2017 - Play team’s space age adventure for young patients

24/10/2017 - A hearty happy birthday as Morriston Cardiac Centre celebrates 20 years

24/10/2017 - Hospital bereavement service expanding to help more grieving families

23/10/2017 - Morriston team's worldwide first using 3D printing to reconstruct jaws

17/10/2017 - Burns staff share messages to help highlight dangers in our homes

16/10/2017 - Liz Baker Award has special significance for first winner

29/09/2017 - Fiancee’s fundraising challenge in memory of tragic tank blast soldier

28/09/2017 - Curtain set to rise on Morriston Hospital Music Festival

14/09/2017 - Take a look inside as Maes-y-Gwernen Hall opens its doors

13/09/2017 - New-look renal unit to open at Morriston in 2018 after £5.8 million upgrade

06/09/2017 - Tough test sees staff raise £2,500 for cardiac patients

01/09/2017 - Charity bike ride team saddle up for sepsis at Morriston Hospital

29/08/2017 - Physio Tom first in Wales to switch to intensive care role

11/08/2017 - Olivia springs back into action to meet her idol

26/07/2017 - £2m funding boost helps enhance city’s reputation for burn care expertise

24/07/2017 - ABMU celebrates inspiring work of next generation of doctors

21/07/2017 - Morriston emergency team step up their sepsis campaign - with 6k run

21/07/2017 - Pupils' picture perfect art giving patients plenty to smile about

12/07/2017 - UK first as forensic artist joins team rebuilding faces at Morriston Hospital

11/07/2017 - Team looks after ABMU staff so they can look after patients

07/07/2017 - Pupils' posters bring splash of colour to hospital building site

06/07/2017 - Muslim chaplain and staff host Eid Al-Fitr celebration at Morriston

04/07/2017 - Nurse now helping patients through breast reconstruction journey

30/06/2017 - ABMU doctors to help run medical clinic in refugee camp tent

30/06/2017 - Outstanding Morriston physios awarded consultant roles

27/06/2017 - Morriston Hospital staff switch off to help save thousands of pounds

23/06/2017 - Swansea schoolgirl Tia puts pressure ulcer app to the test

20/06/2017 - Swansea transplant unit marks 20th anniversary with £800,000 expansion

16/06/2017 - Beat goes on for police officer Joanna who almost died while out running

14/06/2017 - Ministers celebrate success of outstanding health professionals who have achieved ‘Grand Slam’ of nursing and midwifery award triumphs in 2017

12/06/2017 - Store staff's blitz helps hospice garden to blossom

07/06/2017 - Consultant takes on his own marathon challenge to help children with diabetes

06/06/2017 - Morriston ED team leads new campaign to tackle silent killer

01/06/2017 - Pancake sale raises funds for cardiac rehabilitation

01/06/2017 - Henry flying high after first fundraising venture tops £3,000

30/05/2017 - Mum switches from banking to nursing after near-fatal accident

23/05/2017 - Storytellers' visit is just what the doctor ordered at Morriston Hospital

23/05/2017 - Morriston first hospital in Wales to join online access guide

17/05/2017 - Boost for Morriston ward in memory of cardiac patient

16/05/2017 - Dental nurse Natalie takes to two wheels to support Ty Olwen

16/05/2017 - Widow helps fund research into disease that claimed husband's life

15/05/2017 - Healthcare staff unite to mark International Nurses’ Day

11/05/2017 - Clean-up helps restore clinic sculpture to former glory

09/05/2017 - Morriston ward sister named RCN Nurse of the Year

03/05/2017 - Morriston pair using pedal power to spread word about condition

28/04/2017 - Patients given a helping hand with hearing

25/04/2017 - Couple decide to tie the knot after near-fatal heart attack

24/04/2017 - Rugby stars support fundraising screening of charity film

18/04/2017 - Morriston team's app could transform pressure ulcer care

13/04/2017 - Henry's endurance challenge two years after life-changing accident

06/04/2017 - Mum’s legacy provides high-tech help with youngsters’ speech therapy

04/04/2017 - 'It’s goodbye from him and it’s goodbye from me!'

29/03/2017 - Patients turn to verse to express their loving gratitude

17/03/2017 - Nurses’ efforts put them in the running for top awards

13/03/2017 - Undersea setting helps bring smile to faces of young patients

10/03/2017 - Burns surgeon's pride after date at Buckingham Palace

08/03/2017 - New recruits celebrate success of apprenticeship scheme

07/03/2017 - Health Secretary Vaughan Gething visits Morriston Emergency Department

07/03/2017 - Youngster hears birds singing for the first time after Morriston op

01/03/2017 - New initiative to tackle crime begins at Morriston Hospital

21/02/2017 - Dad owes life to sister and Morriston Hospital trauma team

17/02/2017 - The Coffin Dodgers get kitted out to help cardiac team

15/02/2017 - Donor dad donates more than £2,000 to Morriston renal team

14/02/2017 - Take a peep into the past as cabinet of curiosities goes on show

10/02/2017 - Read all about library friends' fundraising boost for patients

03/02/2017 - Choir members sing the praises of Renal Unit as they hand over donation

23/01/2017 - Grateful golfers’ boost for hospital ward

20/01/2017 - Lantern helping to highlight time for calm on ward

19/01/2017 - New wards planned for hospitals

17/01/2017 - Mum puts life-saving skills into practice the day after lesson

16/01/2017 - Patient safety expert Paul to lend his expertise to UK-wide NHS role

09/01/2017 Morriston researchers get £230,000 for next stage of life-saving study

03/01/2017 New service sees hospitals offering helping hand to carers

03/01/2017 Consultant surgeon honoured for work with global burns patients

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