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Coronavirus/COVID-19 information

Image of coronaviruses against a blue background.

Coronavirus is a serious risk. Please stick to the rules. Keep a safe distance from people you don't live with. Wash your hands. Wear a face-covering when required.


Please go here for details of our Covid-19 VACCINATION programme


You can now go for a free Coronavirus test if you have a wider range of symptoms. As well as the three classic signs: fever, a new continuous cough or a loss/change of taste and smell; people are now able to get a test if they have other symptoms too.

These are:

  • Flu-like symptoms including any or all of: myalgia (muscle ache or pain); excessive tiredness; persistent headache; runny nose or blocked nose; persistent sneezing; sore throat and/or hoarseness, shortness of breath or wheezing;
  • Generally feeling unwell and a history of being in contact with a known COVID-19 case
  • Any new or change in symptoms following a previous negative test
  • Any symptom which is new, persistent and/or unusual for them

If you take a test because of these other wider symptoms you are not required to isolate while waiting for your result. This includes children and school pupils who can continue to attend schools and childcare settings while they await a test result. However, children and adults with diarrhoea and or vomiting should remain off work or school and not attend childcare settings until they are symptom free for 48 hours even if their Covid-19 test is negative.

If you get a positive Covid-19 result, you and your household must then isolate. Households must also isolate if anyone develops any of the 3 classic Covid-19 symptoms while waiting for a test result taken on wider symptoms to come back.

But if you are experiencing one or more of the three most common COVID-19 symptoms (new persistent cough, fever and/or loss of taste or smell) you must self-isolate with your household whilst you await a test result.

To book a test ring 119 or book online: You can also ring our local number: 01639 862757 and speak to an operator who will book your test. 

From Saturday, 7th August, 2021, fully vaccinated adults, under 18s and vaccine trial participants will not need to self-isolate if they are a close contact of someone with coronavirus.

Rapid testing
Anyone who volunteers or can't work from home can now get free rapid testing kits delivered to their home to stop the spread of coronavirus. Put your mind at ease by testing twice a week. Go here to order your rapid testing kits. They are also available to be picked up at the Grand Theatre in Swansea and the testing centre in Milland Road, Neath. More venues may be available later.

Please see the Test, Trace, Protect page for more information and FAQs 


For the latest update on visiting a relative or friend please go here

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