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Innovation and Research News

Image shows two people each side of a TV screen displaying the Patient Portal

16/05/2024 - Staff awarded for using app to help treat wounds more effectively

14/05/2024 - Swansea's cancer centre first in Wales to offer tattoo-free radiotherapy

30/04/2024 - Pioneering Rapid Diagnosis Centre to expand after successful two-year pilot

14/03/2024 - £70 million investment is transforming the care of dialysis patients

13/03/2024 - Swansea Bay study aims to help pregnant smokers kick the habit

31/01/2024 - New and improved specialised scanner seeing more patients than ever at Singleton Hospital


13/11/2023 - Simplicity leads to speedier scans

06/10/2023 - First person in Wales to get cancer wonder drug is given the all-clear

20/09/2023 - Swansea cancer centre first in Wales to take part in proton beam therapy trial

13/09/2023 - 3D printing provides a bolus bonus for cancer treatment

12/09/2023 - HEPMA roll out continues with Cefn Coed Hospital now on board

25/08/2023 - Fab labs put green quest under the microscope

18/07/2023 - New super-fast MRI scanner goes live in Swansea hospital

26/06/2023 - First keyhole spinal op in Swansea Bay sees patient back home the same day

09/06/2023 - Staff have nasal feeding tubes inserted to find out how it feels for their patients

19/05/2023 - Celebrating the teams finding treatments and life-saving drugs of tomorrow

21/03/2023 - Inhaler project is breath of fresh air for patients and the planet

16/03/2023 - Ex-oil rig worker has a new heart valve fitted – and is back home the same day

09/03/2023 - High-tech leg gives dad the confidence to carry his baby son without fear of falling

06/03/2023 - High-flying Morriston research team extends international links to Australia

17/02/2023 - New food app dishes up bigger and better menu for patients

16/02/2023 - New approach to treating wrist fractures breaks with tradition

16/02/2023 - Home service success for respiratory team

16/02/2023 - Helping patients gain control of cellulitis

15/02/2023 - K first as unique blood test is used to screen bowel cancer survivors

13/02/2023 - Swansea Bay's green approach showcased at sustainability event

26/01/2023 - App connects dentists with consultants for expert advice and support

24/01/2023 - Common Ailments Service easier to access than ever

18/01/2023 - Lymphoedema service success leads to national recognition for Swansea Bay doctor

09/01/2022 - New fracture discharge service


30/12/2022 - New service helps patients manage their epilepsy and cuts waiting times

16/12/2022 - Green for go as multi-million-pound new technology transforms cancer care

16/12/2022 - Patients benefit as new software unites nuclear medicine scanners across sites

16/12/2022 - Patient Portal expansion gives more people than ever access to their health records

16/12/2022 - New volunteer service gives extra support to palliative care patients

14/12/2022 - New procedure's a win-win for health board and patient

13/12/2022 - New course set to help Clare land dream job in NHS

20/10/2022 - Care and support delivered to mums-to-be thanks to dual clinic

11/10/2022 - Hybrid mail could spell the end for old-fashioned hospital appointment letters

04/10/2022 - New theatres for Neath Port Talbot Hospital on their way

04/10/2022 - £4 million "space-age" operating theatre will help bring down eye surgery backlog

03/10/2022 - Our unique solar farm is a shining success

30/09/2022 - Milk hub needs helping hands to support even more families in Wales

27/09/2022 - Sight-saving service in Swansea available to more patients than ever

26/09/2022 - 24/7 mental health support now available over the phone in Swansea Bay

21/09/2022 - Clinic cuts wait times for diagnosis and prevents future hospital admissions

05/09/2022 - Neath GP develops website to signpost mental health support

27/07/2022 - Swansea mum receives life-changing new drug

29/06/2022 - Major step forward for new Adult Thoracic Surgical centre of excellence serving South Wales

28/06/2022 - Plans for Vascular Hybrid Theatre at Morriston Hospital get a major boost

21/06/2022 - Swansea pioneer awarded outstanding achievement at Wales' first cancer awards

14/06/2022 - New clinic reduces wait times for ear care treatment

01/06/2022 - Every picture tells the story as innovative boards go up in hospitals and parks

19/05/2022 - Singleton Hospital gets £4.1m state-of-the-art scanners investment

12/05/2022 - Doctors prescribe dance classes to keep patients on their feet

10/05/2022 - Wound scanning app allows staff to monitor patients' progress remotely

03/05/2022 - New hearing aid is music to teenager's ears

25/04/2022 - A cwtch is helping to keep elderly people out of hospital after a fall

22/04/2022 - Florence Nightingale's legacy inspires nurse to take safety into the digital age

21/04/2022 - Singleton Hospital eye care team scores another pioneering first

12/04/2022 - New project helps to spot the early signs of cancer

05/04/2022 - Pharmacist's medicinal expertise helps set the standard during Africa visit

30/03/2022 - Stroke survivor sings the praises of music therapy service

29/03/2022 - Virtual wards offer hands-on care closer to home

25/03/2022 - Cutting-edge 3D technology gives disabled people more independence

22/03/2022 - Swansea Bay's "small but mighty" research and development team helps pave the way for living with Covid

11/03/2022 - Cutting-edge treatment to be available in Swansea for the first time

16/02/2022 - New lymphoedema patient service gains global interest after award success

21/01/2022 - First milk bank hub for Wales to help newborn babies opens in Swansea Bay

21/01/2022 - GP hails new paramedic team as game-changing

18/01/2022 - Schoolboy's dental transformation inspires traumatised children, using Consultant Connect app


31/12/2021 - New surgical instrument invented by Morriston plastic surgeon

29/12/2021 - Electric car helps GP practices drive down carbon footprint

10/12/2021 - New app will help people with diabetes manage their condition

07/12/2021 - Swansea clinical psychologist wins award for Outstanding Contribution to Research Delivery

23/11/2021- Trial to investigate if AI can predict breast cancer treatment outcome

22/11/2021 - Outpatient service establishes new treatment for neurological conditions

11/11/2021 - Palliative care paramedics start training for new service

05/11/2021 - Sight-saving procedure available to children in a first for Wales

03/11/2021 - Nurse dedicated to helping people with diabetes wins national award

28/10/2021- Green for go at Morriston Hospital's unique new solar farm

28/10/2021 - Medical illustration team turn teaching idea into reality

26/10/2021 - Simple exercise could spare patients chronic pain or disability after chest injury

05/10/2021 - Digital solution saves hours filling in essential paperwork

31/08/2021 - Hospital test drives new virtual waiting room in patients' cars

20/08/2021 - Wait for sight-saving vision checks cut to just weeks

19/08/2021 - Heavens above – Lymphoedema award is out of this world!

06/08/2021 - Gold medal recognition for Swansea Bay UHB's medical device training team

29/07/2021 - GPs give positive prognosis for online consultations

21/07/2021 - The Scar Free Foundation and Health and Care Research Wales launch world-leading 3-year programme of facial reconstruction research

02/07/2021 - Paper drug charts binned in Neath Port Talbot and Singleton hospitals

28/06/2021 - App puts GPs in touch with hospital consultants within seconds

23/06/2021 -  Link to external Health and Care Research Wales website:

22/06/2021 - Virtual clinics reducing hospital visits for patients and saving clinician's time

21/06/2021 - Expansion of Virtual wards to bring benefits for all to see

07/06/2021 - Online portal making a big difference to rheumatology patients

24/05/2021 - Hospital's takes delivery of new MRI scanner

17/05/2021 - Swansea cancer centre the UK leader for high-tech radiotherapy technique

23/04/2021 - Success for innovative vaccine pilot schemes

22/04/2021 - Innovative approach to warding off hospital admissions

21/04/2021 - New virtual counselling and support for Swansea Bay's youngsters

13/04/2021 - Swansea volunteers come forward for Covid vaccine trial

08/04/2021 - Nurse the first in Wales to give sight-saving injections

08/03/2021 - Researchers venture into Covid hotspots

19/02/2021 - First Minister hails Swansea Bay's Apprentice Academy

15/02/2021 - Patients to take part in life-saving study

09/02/2021 - Cluster's children's counselling service expanded to adults

04/02/2021 - Novel idea will boost vaccine access

02/02/2021 - Swansea Bay residents are exercising their way to happiness during the pandemic

26/01/2021 - New Chapter in Speech and Language Therapy

21/01/2021 - New Wellness Centre for city's High Street


29/12/2020 - Morriston the first hospital in Wales to develop its own solar farm

04/11/2020 - Lifestyle changes can prevent Type 2 Diabetes

27/10/2020 - The pen really is mightier than the sword for Swansea Bay patient

10/09/2020 - Swansea Bay's Digital Stories project creating new chapter in health care

24/08/2020 - Morriston Hospital team awarded Welsh Government grant for Covid-19 research

07/08/2020 - Plasma therapy could be given to Covid patients in Morriston intensive care

30/06/2020 - Cancer patients will get a faster diagnosis thanks to a new multi-million pound scanner.

25/06/2020 - Breast cancer treatment transformed in Swansea

18/06/2020 - Dozens of patients in Swansea join up for Covid-19 trial

15/06/2020 - Swansea team pioneers new technique for skin cancer procedure

04/06/2020 - Patients with Covid-19 give blood to help fight pandemic

21/05/2020 - Phone app helping to keep people out of hospital

25/02/2020 - Cartoon will put young patients at ease

04/02/2020 - Worldwide recognition for Swansea team


06/12/2019 - Robotic technology frees up hospital pharmacists

04/12/2019 - Patients to help trial new bowel cancer test

29/11-2010 - Radiotherapy Showcase highlights innovative research being done in Swansea Bay

27/11/2019 - £12.7 million investment in radiotherapy services helps Swansea Bay in the fight against cancer

12/11/2019 - Learning disability training to be mandatory following health board's work with campaigners

07/11/2019 - Critically ill patient care boosted by bedside technology

20/09/2019 - Swansea Bay innovative urgent care services highlighted at conference

17/09/2019 - Swansea Bay innovation benefits renal patients

04/09/2019 - Treatment waits cut by new plastics unit

27/08/2019 - Gran has "shades" tattooed inside her eyes to cure rare vision problem

09/07/2019 - Patients join Morriston clinical trial

26/06/2019 - Digital solution to benefit cancer patients

19/06/2019 - Reducing antibiotic overuse at Morriston Hospital

10/05/2019 - Swansea Bay clinicians take Wales-wide roles

09/05/2019 - Champion Jess gets the job done

07/05/2019 - Mum's vision restored with transplant alternative

15/03/2019 - New Link Support Workers help carers

14/03/2019 - A new way of providing NHS dental care in Wales piloted in Swansea

14/03/2019 - ABMU team nominated for major award for highlighting clot risks in cancer patients

14/03/2019 - New video guides help families develop healthy habits

06/03/2019 - New hair salon is a real highlight for dementia patients

05/03/2019 - Course success rewarded with funding for extra places

19/02/2019 - Jonathan wins award for 3D printing project to support wheelchair users

14/02/2019 - Medical students' rap video goes International

24/01/2019 - Healthy people's poo could hold the secret to tackling obesity and diabetes

15/01/2019 - Popular ABMU apprentice Nia in the running for an Unsung Hero award


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