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We are committed to treating you fairly.

Our equality objectives have been developed to support us with delivering this commitment.  People should not be put at a disadvantage because of their age, disability, religion and belief, gender, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity or because they are married or in a civil partnership.

We refreshed our Equality Objectives using feedback from engagement and consultation as well as other evidence.  This included the strong evidence base within ‘Is Wales Fairer’ (Equality and Human Rights Commission, 2018).  Our Equality Objectives are included within our Strategic Equality Plan.

Our Equality Objectives are reflected within our Annual Plan and support the delivery of their aims.  We report progress against our Equality Objectives in our Annual Equality Reports.


Equality Objectives

Strategic Equality Plan 2020-2024

Strategic Equality Plan 2017-2020

Equality Objectives 2016-2020


Our Annual Equality Reports

Equality Employment Data 2019-2020 (Excel format)

Employment Data 2019-2020

Annual Equality Report 2019-2020

Equality Employment Data 2018-2019 (Excel format)

Employment Data 2018-2019

Annual Equality Report 2018-2019

Equality Employment Data 2017-2018 (Excel format) 

Employment Data 2017-2018

Annual Equality Report 2017-2018

Employment Data 2016-2017

Annual Equality Report 2016-2017

Employment Data 2015-2016

Annual Equality Report 2015-2016

Employment Data 2014-2015

Annual Equality Report 2014-2015

Employment Data 2013-2014

Annual Equality Report 2013-2014

Annual Equality Report 2012-2013

Annual Equality Report 2011-2012

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