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COVID-19: protecting patients in our hospitals

A patient lies in a hospital bed with a blood pressure monitor on their finger.

Updated: 01.04.22


Many of the Covid restrictions we have become used to have now been relaxed so going to the shops, meeting friends for coffee or a meal and going for a night out feels like it used to before the pandemic.

But due to the ongoing risk posed by coronavirus - many people are still becoming ill - and the fact that we care for the most vulnerable in our communities, restrictions and safety measures remain in hospitals and health care settings.

The main difference you will find on our sites and in all health and social care settings in Wales is that you must wear a face covering or face mask. They remain a legal requirement.

And, if you are visiting outpatients or going onto a ward, you will be asked to wear a surgical mask instead of a face covering. If you don't have one, a member of staff will provide you with one.

You can find out more about protection measures in our hospitals and laundry arrangements below.

Visiting - Go to this page to find out more about visiting arrangements and how to arrange a visit.


Updated: 01.04.22

Due to the ongoing risk posed by coronavirus and the need to protect you and the other vulnerable patients we care for, we ask that you follow these rules when you come into hospital:

  • Inpatients must wear surgical face masks (not cloth face coverings) when they are not eating or drinking or when they are leaving their bed area to go to the toilet, for a shower visit a day room or a shop on site. Staff can provide these if you don't have them.
  • You must also continue to follow the rules around two metre distancing and use any one way systems that are in place inside our buildings. It can seem a bit odd continuing to stay two metres away from others when healthcare staff come close to you for treatment. But the difference is that our staff will be wearing appropriate PPE to protect you and them from the virus.
  • If you’re not receiving treatment or being helped by a healthcare worker wearing PPE, it’s really important that you follow the two metre rule and keep your distance from other patients as well as our staff.
  • It’s just as important that you keep your hands clean too. It can be a bit trickier when you’re in bed or can’t make it to a sink very often but please continue to wash your hands as often as you can.
  • Wards and units will have rules in place around their day rooms which you will need to follow too.

If you are unsure about anything, or have any concerns, please speak to a member of staff. They will be happy to explain exactly what you need to do on your ward and why different measures are in place.

If you are admitted to a ward at Morriston, Singleton, Neath Port Talbot or Gorseinon hospital, you may find that there is a see-through plastic curtain around your bed, as well as the usual privacy curtain that is hung from the ceiling.

These curtains have been put around some beds to help prevent the spread of Covid. We conducted a lot of risk assessments and found that these see-through physical barriers could help to protect patients alongside the other measures we have in place. All health boards in Wales are doing the same or similar things.

If one of these curtains is around your bed we ask that you do not try to open it fully, unless you are told you can by a member of staff.

If you have any concerns about the curtains, please speak to a member of the nursing team on the ward. They can make sure the curtain is hung and cleaned properly in line with health board guidance.

Updated: 01.04.22

If your loved one has been admitted to one of our hospitals, please check the instructions below for arranging drop off of essential clean clothes and to pick up dirty ones.

Please make sure the clean clothing bag is clearly labelled with the patient’s name and the ward they are on. Do not include food, flowers or items of value or cash.

When you come to the hospital, please remember to wear your face covering, keep your hands clean and maintain two metre distancing. 

To protect our patients and staff, do not attend the hospital if you have any Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Morriston Hospital - Contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS) on 01792 531275.
  • Singleton Hospital - The wards will arrange laundry swaps with relatives when they contact the ward. Contact 01792 205666 and ask for the ward you need.
  • Neath Port Talbot Hospital - Contact the Patient Advice and Liaison Service on 01639 684666.
  • Gorseinon Hospital - Contact 01792 704180 or 01792 704184 and ask for the ward you need. When you bring in the clean laundry and other items please do not go onto the ward. Instead, give the items to the ladies on reception. They will then take them onto the ward and will return with items to be washed. Please remember that patients will also need to have toiletries brought in for them.
  • Tonna Hospital - Contact 01639 862000 and ask for the ward you need.
  • Local arrangements are in place for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities hospitals - please call the relevant ward for advice.



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