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23-B-002 Subject Access Request Timescales
23-B-003 DXA Scanning
23-B-005 Closed Pathways
23-B-005 Attachment
23-B-006 Philips Respironics Recall
23-B-007 Travel Plan Coordinator
23-B-008 S2 Funding Agreements

23-B-009 GP Practice Codes
23-B-010 Gastroenterology Medication
23-B-011 Postage Costs
23-B-012 Welsh Gender Service
23-B-013 Veolia Cotract Expiry
23-B-014 Genetic Haemochromatosis
23-B-015 CAMHS Waiting Times
23-B-016 Delayed Transfers of Care
23-B-016 Delayed Discharges Data
23-B-017 Private Sector Orthopaedics
23-B-017 REOPENED Private Sector Orthopaedics
23-B-018 Patient Activity Invoicing
23-B-018 NEW_PRIOR APPROVAL request form
23-B-019 Veteran Suicide Prevention
23-B-020 Treatment of Migraine
23-B-021 Essential Car Usage Policy
23-B-022 Serenity Integrated Model
23-B-023 Doctors with Disabilities
23-B-024 Complaints by Specialty

23-B-024 Appendix 1
23-B-025 Key Digital Roles and Strategies
23-B-026 Early Melanoma
23-B-027 ICT Documents 2023 Onwards
23-B-027 Attachment 1
23-B-027 Attachment 2
23-B-028 Appointment Letters

23-B-029 Off-Framework Agency
23-B-030 Repayment Fees for International Nurses
23-B-031 Treatment of Lung Cancer
23-B-032 Tier 3 and 4 Weight Management Service
23-B-033 Infection Control Procedures
23-B-034 Treatment of Melanoma & Renal Cell Carcinoma
23-B-035 Minutes of Quality Safety and Improvement Group
23-B-035 Quality Safety & Risk Minutes 26.01.23_Redacted
23-B-036 Recording of Surgical Procedures
23-B-037 Primary Care Commissioning
23-B-038 Treatment of Breast Cancer
23-B-039 Immunoassay Analysers
23-B-040 Inpatients with Eating Disorders
23-B-041 Surgical Staff Members
23-B-042 Agency Staff
23-B-043 Temporary Staffing Rates
23-B-045 Nursing Agency Staff Recruitment

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