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23-C-001 Patients MFFD
23-C-001 Attachment
23-C-002 Commercial Clinical Trials
23-C-003 Datix Incident Reports
23-C-004 Kawasaki Disease Admissions
23-C-004 REOPENED Kawasaki Disease Admissions
23-C-005 Prison Agency Staffing
23-C-006 Pregnant Women with Diabetes

23-C-007 GP Practice Lists
23-C-008 British Red Cross and Lightfoot Contracts
23-C-009 NHS Delivery Unit Maternity Investigations
23-C-010 Treatment of Myleofibrosis
23-C-011 Vaccinations for Pregnant Women
23-C-012 Change to Prescribing for Dementia
23-C-012 Swansea Letter
23-C-012 NPT Letter
23-C-012 REOPENED Changes to Prescribing for Dementia
23-C-013 Patient Ethnicity Data
23-C-014 IG Breach Log
23-C-015 Restrictive Practices on MH Patients
23-C-016 Oesophageal and Gastric Cancer
23-C-017 Morriston A+E Plan as Existing
23-C-017 ED Floor Plan
23-C-018 Major Trauma Triage Too
23-C-018 Trauma Protocol for Pregnant Patients
23-C-019 Glamorgan Man
23-C-020 Single Use Plastic Bottles

23-C-021 Overseas Visitors Charges
23-C-021 Overseas Guidance Feb 23
23-C-022 Access to Community Paediatrician
23-C-023 H.Pylori Testing
23-C-024 Urothelial & Colorectal Cancer
23-C-025 3D Printing
23-C-026 Palantir Technologie
23-C-027 Breast Cancer Treatment
23-C-028 SAR Requests
23-C-029 Theatre Operating Lights
23-C-030 Patient Level Costing & Integrated Data Platform
23-C-031 Integra Community Living Options Ltd
23-C-032 Nursing and Off Framework
23-C-033 Asbestos report
23-C-034 Robotic Surgery
23-C-035 IT Infrastructure
23-C-036 Job Description and Person Specification Band 4 Overseas Visitors Officer
23-C-036 Band 5 - Private & Overseas Patients Officer- JD
23-C-036 Job Description Band 3 Private Patient Administrative Support Officer
23-C-036 Overseas Patients
23-C-038 Oncology System
23-C-039 Commissioning of Services
23-C-040 Obstetric Data

23-C-041 Patients with Hepatitis C
23-C-043 Sonography and Ultrasound Agency Staff
23-C-044 Digital Systems
23-C-045 Annual Accounts 2021-22
23-C-046 Medical Rostering Software
23-C-047 Autism & ADHD Waiting Times
23-C-048 Accredited Centre for Mesh Complications
23-C-049 Bonymaen Public Health
23-C-052 Orthodontic Waiting Times
23-C-054 Dabrafenib & Trametinib in Cancer Treatment
23-C-055 Use of Nivolumab
23-C-056 Injuries Cause by Dogs

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