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May 2020

 20-E-001 Mental Health Leave Policy (PDF, 319Kb)
 20-E-002 Nurse Led Ophthalmology Clinics (PDF, 321Kb)
 20-E-003 Mental Health Placements (PDF, 331Kb)
 20-E-004 Management Contact Details (PDF, 322Kb)
 20-E-005 Capacity Management Software (PDF, 325Kb)
 20-E-006 Admin Job Descriptions (PDF, 320Kb)
 20-E-007 Cancelled Cancer Treatment (PDF, 331Kb)
 20-E-008 Cancer Diagnosis (PDF, 329Kb)
 20-E-009 Covid 19 Mental Health Patients (PDF, 390Kb)
 20-E-009 Appendix (PDF, 557Kb)
 20-E-010 GP Clinical Systems (PDF, 336Kb)
 20-E-011 Pharmaceutical Rebate Agreements (PDF, 318Kb)
 20-E-012 Hospital to Care Home Transfers (PDF, 332Kb)
 20-E-013 Discharge to Care Homes (PDF, 356Kb)
 20-E-014 Emergency CT and MRI (PDF, 333Kb)
 20-E-015 Medication Numbers (PDF, 330Kb)
 20-E-016 Multiple Sclerosis Medication (PDF, 327Kb)
 20-E-017 Head and Neck Cancer (PDF, 345Kb)
 20-E-018 Discharge to Care Homes 2 (PDF, 345Kb)
 20-E-019 Discharge to Care Homes 3 (PDF, 328Kb)
 20-E-020 Mobile Phone Contracts (PDF, 315Kb)
 20-E-020 Attachment (PDF, 95Kb)
 20-E-021 PPE Stock Levels (PDF, 341Kb)
 20-E-022 Supplier Spend (PDF, 346Kb)
 20-E-023 Structured English Language Reference (PDF, 562Kb)
 20-E-024 Direct Award Contracts PPN1 (PDF, 381Kb)
 20-E-025 Discharge to Care Homes 4 (PDF, 330Kb)
 20-E-026 FIT Mask Testing (PDF, 326Kb)
 20-E-027 Hospital COVID Capacity (PDF, 347Kb)
 20-E-028 PPE Stock Levels 2 (PDF, 330Kb)
 20-E-028 Appendix 1 (PDF, 529Kb)
 20-E-029 Intra-Vitreal Implants (PDF, 332Kb)
 20-E-030 Attend Anywhere Procurement (PDF, 333Kb)
 20-E-031 Agency and Bank Doctors (PDF, 329Kb)
 20-E-031 Appendix 1 (Excel, 300Kb)
 20-E-031 Appendix 2 (Excel, 10Kb)
 20-E-031 Appendix 3 (Excel, 212Kb)
 20-E-032 Organisational Chart and Agency Spend (PDF, 334Kb)
 20-E-032 Appendix (PDF, 206Kb)
 20-E-033 Discharge to Care Homes 5 (PDF, 330Kb)
 20-E-034 Corporate Nursing Emails (PDF, 329Kb)
 20-E-035 PPN2 Supplier Relief (PDF, 321Kb)

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