Visiting update 25th September 2020

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Changes to visiting arrangements at Swansea Bay hospitals are being made in response to rising cases of confirmed Covid-19 in Swansea and the imminent local lockdown measures.

The safety of patients and staff is our top priority, which means we will be restricting visiting from  Saturday, 26th September, ahead of the lockdown restrictions planned for Sunday 27th.

As well as protecting patients and staff, reducing footfall on our sites this way will also help to prevent the further spread of the virus more generally.

From the 26th September, until further notice, visits will be limited to:

  • Patients receiving end-of-life care
  • Patients who have mental health issues such as dementia, or a learning disability or a condition like autism where not having a visitor would cause the patient to be distressed
  • One parent or carer to accompany a child in hospital
Maternity arrangements
  • Women can be accompanied by their partners for the early pregnancy scan (around 12 weeks) and the foetal anomaly scan (around 20 weeks).
  • Women who are attending foetal medicine clinics (when an issue has been found with the developing baby) can be accompanied by a partner.
  • All partners who attend the appointments must be from the same household.
  • All other hospital antenatal out-patient contacts will be unaccompanied.
  • Women can be accompanied by one birthing partner from the commencement of active labour and stay in the hospital until after the baby’s birth.
  • At this time there is no visiting on the antenatal or postnatal ward.

But if you have any Covid-19 symptoms you must NOT visit any of our sites, even if the patient you want to visit falls into one of these categories. Stay at home and arrange a test.

We will be supporting virtual visiting as much as possible, using ipads and tablets, and also telephone visiting.

Arrangements will be re-introduced for the dropping off and collecting of patient clothing and toiletries where this is possible, and we will also use items which we have in stock following a generous response to a public appeal earlier this year.

We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause, but hope that families and friends will understand this is all about keeping their loved ones safe.

These visiting arrangements will be kept under review, and we hope to be in a position to allow more visiting in future when the threat of the virus recedes. Everyone can do their part to ensure this happens as soon as possible by following the rules – keeping a safe distance, washing hands regularly/using alcohol rubs and wearing a face-covering when needed.

Mental Health and Learning Disability Services

In response to Coronavirus cases rising in Wales, we are making changes to visiting arrangements for inpatients in our Mental Health and Learning Disabilities services.

These changes, with immediate effect, are to protect our patients, the majority of whom are vulnerable because of their age or medical conditions.

Visiting outdoors by appointment (and subject to staff availability and weather conditions) will continue.

However, we can no longer arrange indoor visiting, because of the increased risk to patients.

Stephen Jones, Nurse Director for Mental Health and Learning Disabilities, said:

“We are aware of the increase in Covid-19 infections in parts of Wales which are leading to local lockdowns and we want to take action early to safeguard our vulnerable patients as much as possible.

“Indoor visiting will no longer be possible, except in exceptional or extenuating circumstances where it is deemed to be in the best interest of an individual patient.

“We will continue to support outdoor visiting where it is possible, and also support digital methods of virtual visiting – for example using ipads and apps - and also encouraging telephone calls.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but hope families and friends understand the reasons why we need to do all we can to safeguard our patients.”

Visiting our wards?

Please remember that ward visiting is be pre-arrangement only and only in exceptional circumstances. Drop-in visiting is not allowed.

Please click here for guidance about physical (social) distancing and what to expect when you visit.


Please avoid using our canteens at present. There are vending machines available on our sites if you need refreshments.

Please note that SBUHB supports a zero tolerance stance for any abusive behaviour towards staff due to variances in visiting guidance for different patient groups.   

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