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August 2020

 20-H-001 Staff Deaths from COVID-19 (PDF, 320Kb)
 20-H-002 Atopic Dermatitis (PDF, 358Kb)
 20-H-003 Speed Bump Signage in English (PDF, 326Kb)
 20-H-003 1. Canllaw Arwyddion BIP Bae Abertawe - Mai 2020 (PDF, 658Kb)
 20-H-003 2. Swansea Bay UHB Signage Guidance - May 2020 (PDF, 660Kb)
 20-H-004 Neurological Care Settings (PDF, 325Kb)
 20-H-004 Appendix (PDF, 440Kb)
 20-H-005 Pharmacy Drugs (PDF, 574Kb)
 20-H-006 Referral to Treatment Times (PDF, 359Kb)
 20-H-007 FGM Cases (PDF, 345Kb)
 20-H-008 Informatics Nurse Lead Emails (PDF, 373Kb)
 20-H-009 Nurses and Midwives Disciplinary Action (PDF, 336Kb)
 20-H-010 Winter Staff Travel Arrangements (PDF, 343Kb)
 20-H-012 Information Data Team Info (PDF, 368Kb)
 20-H-012 Appendix 1 (PDF, 204Kb)
 20-H-013 IT and Handheld Devices (PDF, 315Kb)
 20-H-013 Appendix (PDF, 440Kb)
 20-H-014 Pathology (PDF, 314Kb)
 20-H-014 Appendix (PDF, 472Kb)
 20-H-015 TV Channel Policy (PDF, 320Kb)
 20-H-016 Welsh Speaking Mental Health Staff CYM (PDF, 321Kb)
 20-H-017 Primary Care Prescribing Scheme (PDF, 328Kb)
 20-H-017 Attachment (PDF, 402Kb)
 20-H-018 Fabry, Gauchers and Hunters Syndrome (PDF, 332Kb)
 20-H-019 Overseas Visitors Bills (PDF, 338Kb)
 20-H-020 Cold Homes Guidance 1 (PDF, 328Kb)
 20-H-021 Cold Home Guidance 2 (PDF, 354Kb)
 20-H-022 Liver Disease (PDF, 370Kb)
 20-H-023 Pronouns & LGBT Support (PDF, 389Kb)
 20-H-024 Travel Expenses (PDF, 324Kb)
 20-H-025 IPFR for Lupus Patients (PDF, 327Kb)
 20-H-026 Continence Formulary (PDF, 321Kb)
 20-H-026 Formulary Prescribed Disposable Pads 2020 (PDF, 2.2Mb)
 20-H-026 Formulary Prescribed Community Continence Products 2020 (PDF, 696Kb)
 20-H-027 Mastectomies without reconstruction (PDF, 324Kb)
 20-H-029 GPs & Patients (PDF, 321Kb)
 20-H-029 Appendix (Excel, 37Kb)
 20-H-030 Pancreatic Cancer Services & COVID-19 (PDF, 339Kb)
 20-H-031 Informatic Nurse Lead Specialist (PDF, 317Kb)
 20-H-032 Cauda Equina (PDF, 327Kb)
 20-H-033 Endoscopy Staff & Procedures (PDF, 349Kb)
 20-H-034 Bacterial & Fungal Infections (PDF, 337Kb)
 20-H-035 Overseas Nurse Recruiting (PDF, 328Kb)
 20-H-036 Holter Monitoring (PDF, 323Kb)
 20-H-037 Manager Contacts (PDF, 322Kb)
 20-H-038 Insulin Pumps (PDF, 323Kb)

 20-H-039 Equality and Diversity in Estates Department (PDF, 326Kb)
 20-H-039 Appendix (Excel, 11Kb)
 20-H-041 Travel Plans and Surveys (PDF, 324Kb)

 20-H-041 Public Transport Report 2013 (PDF, 4.9Mb)
 20-H-041 Morriston Travel Plan 2015 (PDF, 6.0Mb)
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