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Nurse turns to verse to express pandemic woes

Michael Jenkins stood next to his poetry on display

An emergency department nurse has combined his passion for nursing and writing by creating heartfelt poems inspired by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Michael Jenkins has always been enthusiastic about poetry but never focused on writing until the start of the pandemic.

He felt this was the perfect opportunity to capture the emotions of not only the nursing staff but everyone involved in the NHS.

Writing poetry also acted as a coping mechanism for Michael to get through what has been one of the toughest times in the history of the NHS.

His first poem, Give me a Break!, was shared on his Facebook page, as well as a Covid support group, where he received rave reviews and an unprecedented amount of appreciation which came as a surprise to him.

“The more poems I started to write, the more attention and shares on social media I was receiving,” Michael, pictured, said.

Rebecca Price, Emergency Department matron at Morriston Hospital, in Swansea, added: “Michael really does know how to dig deep into NHS staff's hearts and reveal their true emotions in such a pressurised environment in what has been the toughest couple of years in the history of the NHS.”

After 18 months of concentrating on the pandemic, Michael turned his attention to other subjects within nursing, in particular by writing a poem about living with dementia.

He added: “We have so many patients coming through the ED doors with dementia but with other conditions to treat.

“It can be very difficult for trained nurses to deal with patients who unfortunately suffer with the terrible illness of dementia.”

Michael’s poem about living with dementia was shared so widely on social media that it even caught the attention of the national charity Dementia UK.

The charity was so impressed it asked Michael if it could rebrand and share the poem on its social media platforms. It has since received a huge amount of praise and shares.

Dementia UK said: “Michael’s poem has really resonated with all people involved with dementia and has been enjoyed so much.

“We are very appreciative he has taken the time to write such a beautiful poem.”

Several of the poems have since been displayed in ED to be read and enjoyed by members of staff, as well as patients.

Michael hopes the poems can provide a boost where needed and spread some positivity.

Below are two of the poems for your enjoyment.

Give Me A Break!

Patients laugh and patients cry

Patients live, some patients die

Staff will help, Staff will care

Staff with yelp, Staff will ware

Taking its toll on every single person

Reliving the day that’s for certain

Locked down, feeling trapped with no location

Nowhere to go but work and save the population

'I never signed up for this' I read

But we can't say that or else they’d be dead

But please just give me some space

I’m also a part of this human race

I'll moan, I'll cry, I'll scream and shout

But I know I'll carry on without a doubt

Do we want some gratitude?

Or do we need a better attitude?

I don't know I just want some time

Is that to be such a crime?

I've paid my fee to work my vocation

What's that all about?

I'll still head off without any hesitation

But please I pray to God for goodness sake

All I'm asking give me a break!


Living with Dementia

I got told I had dementia today,

But that's fine I’m still me!

The same old person that you sit with

To drink a hot cup of tea.

I may not remember every last detail,

Or recognise your face.

But I will sure try to imagine,

Taking me back to my favourite place.


I may get confused and anxious,

And wander round my house.

I know I shouldn't dwell on the past,

But I really miss my spouse.


Sometimes my mind is somewhere else,

Like on holidays from years ago.

Or dreaming of better times I've had,

Now I must learn to go with the flow.


I am still the same human being,

With a brain inside my head

It just takes a while to think of things,

Like when should I go to bed?


Please don't judge my shouting,

Or if I somehow make you scared

It's just my mind playing tricks on me,

Maybe I just need to be fed!


Some company is all I need

To play my favourite game,

Then maybe next time I see you,

I will remember your lovely name.


Now I will always cherish the memories,

Of all the times we share,

Please don't stop coming to visit,

As I know you will always care.


I am still the same old person,

Just get a little jumbled up,

Now go get me that hot cuppa,

So I can sip from my favourite cup.

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