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The team

The team

Our team works alongside colleagues from across the health board.

Our work includes supporting young people with palliative care needs through transition into adult palliative care services.

Who we are

  • Dr Jo Griffiths - Consultant and Medical Lead
  • Sharon Jones - Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Lynette Thacker - Clinical Nurse Specialist 
  • Registrar in paediatric palliative medicine

The team works closely with the All Wales Paediatric Palliative Care Managed Clinical Network. Out of hours advice for professionals supporting patients of the team is available through the Network (Via UHW switchboard).

 We aim to

  • foster physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being for children, young people and their families
  • liaise with all professionals involved in the child’s and young person’s care to ensure continuity of care
  • support symptom control through outpatients clinics and home visits,
  • provide direct care in relation to controlling symptoms
  • assist young people and their families in transition from children’s to adult palliative care services
  • establish advanced care plans with children, young people and their family to record their wishes for end of life care
  • promote bereavement care for parents, siblings and other family members at appropriate time for the individuals
  • inform and support professionals from all agencies to understand the differences between palliative care for children, young people and adults