Information for kidney transplant patients

Kidney Transplant Clinics during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) Outbreak: Information for patients


 Updated: 23/03/2020


Due to the increasing number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the UK, we are trying to reduce the number of people coming into hospital to avoid catching or spreading the virus. This includes outpatient clinic appointments for transplant patients. We will continue to care for you throughout the outbreak, but we will be doing things differently. As you know, Government advice can change day-to-day, so the information in this letter and our advice may also change. We will keep you informed of any changes.


The changes we are making:

Your routine transplant appointments will continue, but we may ask you not to attend in person.    


Your appointment will either be:   


By telephone: you will be reviewed over the phone          or

In-person: you attend for transplant clinic      

Attending appointments in-person will stop unless essential. The number of people in clinic will be kept to a minimum. We will carefully review whether you need to attend in-person. Telephone reviews will be our preferred way of caring for you.


How will I know what type of appointment I have?


Before your routine appointment we will decide whether you need to attend. We will contact you beforehand by telephone within a week before your scheduled appointment.


How will my in-person appointment work?


Please attend clinic as planned if you are able. Please arrive just before your appointment time in order to avoid congestion in the waiting area. You will have a blood test and you will be supplied with your anti-rejection medication in clinic as usual.         


How will my telephone appointment work?


Before the telephone appointment, you, or a friend or relative will collect your anti-rejection medication and a blood form from either:   


The Renal Medicines Service at Morriston Hospital Liz Baker Renal Unit or

The Pharmacy at Carmarthen (Glangwili), Withybush or Bronglais hospitals

You can collect your anti-rejection medication and blood form from Morriston Hospital renal unit between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please contact the Renal Medicines Service if these time are not suitable for you. If collecting from Carmarthen, Withybush or Bronglais hospitals please contact the Renal Medicines Service to agree this in advance. Please contact Carmarthen, Withybush or Bronglais hospitals for their pharmacy opening times.



If your friend or relative is collecting your medication from Morriston Hospital, they should not come in to the Liz Baker renal unit. Instead, they should ring 01792 531297 and a member of the pharmacy team will come outside with your medication. This is to protect them, you and other patients from catching or spreading the virus.


If you are collecting medication from Morriston Hospital yourself, do not come in to the Liz Baker renal unit. Instead, please ring 01792 531297 and a member of the pharmacy team will come outside with your medication. If you would like to have a blood test at the same time as collecting your medication, please ring 01792 531297 first. We will let you know what to do.


If you receive your anti-rejection medication from the local pharmacy on a green community prescription issued by the renal unit, this will continue. Please contact the Renal Medicines Service on 01792 531297 to arrange this.


Blood form

We will provide you with a form for a blood test. This will usually be given to you when you collect your anti-rejection medication, but we may post the blood form to you. You should have your blood test the week of, or the week after, you receive the blood form from us.


You can have a blood test in your local hospital or GP surgery. A phlebotomist is currently available to take blood in the renal department in Morriston Hospital on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings and on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please note that this may change. Please call, text or email the transplant nurse or the Renal Medicines Service once you have had your blood test.


If you, or a friend or family member is unable to collect your medication or the blood form, please contact the transplant nurse or the Renal Medicines Service.


Telephone appointment


When we have checked your blood test results we will telephone you. If we call at an inconvenient time we are happy arrange a more convenient time. We will try and phone you within one week of having your blood test. During the telephone appointment we will discuss your health and treatment, and answer your questions. We will also make an appointment for your next clinic. We don’t know how long COVID-19 (coronavirus) will be a problem, so the next appointment may be in-person or on the telephone again.


Helpful information:


PatientView will allow you to see your blood results, your medication and any recent changes to the medication that we supply to you


Store our contact details and share them with friends and relatives

Renal Medicines Service: Telephone for general medication enquiries: 01792 531293, Telephone for COVID-19 medication enquiries and on arrival in Morriston Hospital to collect anti-rejection medication: 01792 531297, Text: 07860017368, email:

Transplant Nurse Specialist: Telephone 01792 545773.

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