Blood Tests

Blood being drawn from a patient'd arm by a nurse.

COVID-19: Update for patients

Phlebotomy services based in GP surgeries / community hospitals (blood tests).

All phlebotomy services visiting GP surgeries will stop until further notice. We apologise for the inconvenience.

During this period we will be working with primary care colleagues to plan a new way of providing a phlebotomy service across the health board.

Until this has been set up, in the short term, limited services for ESSENTIAL blood tests only will continue in the hospital locations listed below.

If you are already in possession of a blood test request form, please consider checking with your GP whether it is essential that you have the tests done before attending the phlebotomy department, as we must reduce the risk to both to you and other staff and patients attending these locations.

Locations temporarily providing phlebotomy for ESSENTIAL blood tests only:

• Morriston Outpatients Department
• Singleton Pathology Building (not Outpatients)
• Neath Port Talbot Outpatients Department

As of Monday 20th April 2020, Outpatient Blood Tests in Morriston Hospital will be in a new location in the same building but on the first floor. Entry is via the old main entrance. There are lifts and stairs nearby.

Patients will be directed to a waiting area, and will be called in from there.

Signs will be placed in the corridors giving directions to the new location, and staff will be on hand to help with directions and registration. For any enquiries, telephone 01792 703049.

General information 

Blood tests, sometimes referred to as phlebotomy, have a wide range of uses and are one of the most common types of medical tests.

A blood test can be used to assess your general state of health, check if you have an infection, see how well certain organs such as the liver and kidneys are working and screen for certain genetic conditions.

Please see below for information on blood test clinics. There are clinics available for patients with special needs.

  • For general inquiries about blood tests in any of our hospitals please ring 01792 703049.
  • Disabled access: For health and safety reasons we reserve the right to prioritise patients with mobility issues at our clinics.
  • Please make every effort to attend booked blood test appointments in your GP surgery. We keep a record of missed appointments.



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