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More stories of amazing care shared at Singleton Hospital's Patient Choice Awards

The second event in a series of awards giving patients and their families the chance to say a heartfelt thank you to health board staff and volunteers has taken place at Singleton Hospital.

Anyone wanting to show their gratitude for outstanding care and support can nominate individuals or teams from across Swansea Bay for a Patient Choice Award.

It can be any staff member or volunteer who has really gone the extra mile, with nominators and nominees being brought together at a series of presentations this summer where patient stories are shared and the awards handed out.

Since nominations for 2024 opened in February, 379 have been received from patients and service users, families and carers.

Staff have been nominated for anything from a relatively simple gesture that makes life more comfortable or convenient to being - quite literally - a lifesaver.

It was the turn of Singleton staff and volunteers to be put in the spotlight for the latest PCA event following a successful opening presentation at Neath Port Talbot Hospital.

Pictured right and below: Patient Choice Awards recipients and some of the patients and family members who made nominations, pictured at the Singleton Hospital event

And with everyone coming together to share so much gratitude, the occasion proved emotional.

Among staff and patients in attendance at the event hosted by the hospital’s chapel were consultant clinical oncologist Dr Craig Barrington, who was nominated for an award by Carrie Downey after she became the first person in Wales to be treated with a ground-breaking cancer drug.

Carrie, a mum from Port Talbot, was facing major surgery and a lifetime with a stoma bag before meeting Dr Barrington, who introduced her to a new treatment which meant she could avoid undergoing a major operation that would change her life.

She has since been able to celebrate receiving the all-clear following treatment.

“Dr Barrington not only saved my life but my quality of life. I was preparing for major surgery when I met him for the first time, but he discussed an alternative treatment called immunotherapy for this specific cancer,” wrote Carrie in her nomination.

“I am so grateful to have met him. He is an outstanding doctor who goes above and beyond for his patients. Without him, my life would be very different now.”

Meanwhile outpatients health care support worker Angela Davies was nominated by Suzanne Richardson, who wrote: “My Dad has difficulty with mobility.

“Angela always greets Dad and makes him feel independent by steering him to a chair that he can manage without help, always keeping him updated if there is a wait, speaking to him directly, not to me as I am only there for support.

“Angela allows him the time to walk independently to the room himself whilst chatting to him, taking the time to ask how he is. I can’t thank her enough for these small acts of kindness which she probably doesn’t realise makes such difference. I am so very grateful.”

Advanced clinical pharmacist Eleanor Lau received two nominations, from Paul Morgan and Anne McAleer.

Paul wrote: “Ellie is more than a pharmacist. She is interested in all parts of my wellbeing.

“Obviously my physical health is top of her list, but she always takes the time to check on my mental wellbeing, how my family is and if she can do any more than she does to help me.”

A third Patient Choice Awards gathering takes place on July 5th at Morriston Hospital’s Education Centre, with two more planned for July 22nd and August 1st. Meanwhile a full list of nominators and nominees from the Singleton is published below:

Event 1

Award 1: Dr Craig Barrington (Consultant Clinical Oncologist) - nominated by Carrie Downey.

Award 2: Enrique Sison (Staff Nurse. Ward 12) - nominated by Michael Adrian Baker.

Award 3: Christine Davies (Clinical Nurse Specialist. Women And Child Health) - nominated by Lyn Mura.

Award 4: Bethan Daniels (CNS . Oncology) - nominated by Ian Wilcox.

Award 5: Lucy Morley (Staff Nurse, Ward 2) - nominated by Sarah Casey.

Award 6:  Dr Danielle Smith (ST3. Women) - nominated by Sarah Casey.

Award 7: Dr David Watkins (Consultant Oncologist. Oncology) - nominated by Anna Morgan.

Award 8:  Dr David Watkins (Consultant Oncologist. Oncology) & Chemotherapy Day Unit - nominated by Cavan Bennett.

Award 9: Carolyne Paddison (HCSW. Chemotherapy Day Unit), Samantha Martin (HCSW. Chemotherapy Day Unit) & Chemotherapy Day Unit - nominated by John Williams (John’s wife attended).

Award 10:  Chemotherapy Day Unit - nominated by Gill Evans, Linda Scott, Carole Bromham, Erika Hughes, Trudy Watkins, Phil Protheroe, Rachel Evans and Louise Horton.

Award 11: Courtney Bell (Macmillan Head and Neck Oncology Clinical Nurse Specialist) - nominated by Courtney Davis and Abbie Tarrant.

Award 12:  Ruth Jeffreys (Clinical Nurse Specialist Band 6. Urogynaecology and Pelvic Health) - nominated by Irene Lorey and Shelagh Griffiths.

Award 13: Mr Mark Davies (Consultant General Surgeon, Ward 2) & Ward 2 - nominated by Christos Georgakis and Fiona.

A group of hospital staff and patients standing on a stage, with some holding certificates

Event 2

Award 1: Andrea Morgan (Staff Nurse. Medical Day Unit) – nominated by Shaunna Evans.

Award 2: Angela Davies (Health Care Support Worker. Out-patients) - nominated by Suzanne Richardson.

Award 3: Jade Charles (Phlebotomist. Pathology) – nominated by Suzanne Richardson.

Award 4:  Samuel Prosser (Physiotherapist . Physiotherapy) – nominated by Mhairi Mason.

Award 5: Jan Glover (Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy) - nominated by Brian Alan Hardie.

Award 6: Eleanor Lau (Advanced Clinical Pharmacist. Pharmacy)  - nominated by Paul Morgan and Anne McAleer.

Award 7: Janice Thomas (Volunteer, Ward 9) - nomination by Steve Matthews

Award 8: Milly Zoeftig (Band 6 Physiotherapist) – nominated by Gaynor Lowans.

Award 9: Ophthalmology – nominated by Jayne Crompton.

Award 10:  Mr Sidath Wijetilleka (Consultant Ophthalmologist) – nominated by Angela Jones.

Award 11: Nadia Saunders (Band 7 Lead Radiographer) - nominated by Margaret Hiscocks.

Award 12: Sally Curry (Band 2 Health Care Support Worker. Radiotherapy Outpatients) - nominated by Katie Davies

Award 13: Rhiannon Edwards (Medical Secretary. Gastroenterology) - nomination by Janet Cross

Award 14: Tanya Francis (Senior Physiotherapist. Physiotherapy) – nominated by Janet Cross.

Award 15: Day Surgery Unit – nominated by Damian, Beverley Davies, Martyn Creed, Chris, Samantha Bevan, Rhiannon, Sharon Thomas, Brian Jones, Eifion Jones, Alison Holloway, David Phillips, L Jellyman, R Phillips, Pauline Spendiff & Christine Akerman.

Event 3

Award 1: Dr Paul Flynn (Consultant. Obstetrics & Gynaecology) & Dr Stella Seppings (Gynaecologist Consultants) – nomination from Hazel Rogers.

Award 2: Eliza Roberts (Midwife. Maternity) – nominated by Sarah James.

Award 3: Debbie Boulter (Midwife. Maternity) – nominated by Lisa Ruffell.

Award 4: Katharine Gasson (Maternity Support Worker. Ante - Natal) – nomination from Morgan.

Award 5: Leigh Bainbridge (Staff Nurse Band 5. NICU) – nominated by Rhiannon Hodgson.

Award 6: Helen Muxworthy (Newborn Examination Midwife) – nominated by Rhiannon Hodgson.

Award 7: Dr Sujoy Benerjee (Consultant. Neonatal) – nomination from Sarah Jaye Cude.

Award 8: Susan George (CNS COPD. Respiratory) – nominated by David Hudson, June Todd, John F Cahill and Thomas Kneath.

Award 9: Mr Ahmad Nassar (Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist) – nominated by Linda Griffiths.

Award 10: Sophie Beynon (Antenatal Clinic Receptionist) & Stacey Smith (Receptionist. Antenatal Clinic) – nomination from Sian Dickie.

Award 11: Shaun James (Sonographer) – nominated by Sian Dickie.

Award 12: Labour Ward – nominated by Sian Dickie.

Award 13: Suite 17 – nominations from Kay Smith and Melissa Brooks.

Award 14: Christie-Ann Lang (Bereavement Support Midwife), Enfys Rogers. (Midwife), Joanne Cooney (Midwife), Lisa Rees (Midwife), Lucy Bulpin. (Midwife), Rhian Jones (Midwife), Samantha Ashton (Midwife) & Shaunna-Leigh Clarris (Midwife) – nominated by Christina Sheehan.




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