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Living Life Well Programme

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Please note, due to Covid-19 our timetable of well-being courses is currently on hold.

We will update you as soon as this changes and, in the meantime, will be using this page to share a range of resources you will be able to follow at home.

The Living Life Well Programme is a free well-being programme that delivers a range of taught courses and smaller interactive workshops to the public across Neath, Port Talbot and Swansea.

During normal operation, we have a rolling programme of courses and workshops, offering morning, afternoon and evening times. Such courses are delivered by Low Intensity Psychological Therapy Practitioners who have a background in Psychology and therapies.

We can help you to gain an understanding of mental health difficulties and provide coping skills and techniques to enhance your psychological well-being.

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health - so anyone and everyone is welcome to attend to help enhance their psychological well-being.

People come to the courses and workshops for a range of reasons; whether they identify as having an issue with their mood personally, they want to support a friend or loved one, or even that they simply want to learn more about the way their mind works and how to improve their general well-being.

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