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Welsh Language

An image of the Welsh Dragon flag

Swansea Bay University Health Board is fully committed to providing a bilingual service and information for all service users. Wherever possible, service users should have their treatment and care conducted in the language of their choice.

The Welsh Language Services Team promotes the use of Welsh and supports the Health Board in operating bilingually.  Our work includes supporting departments to develop Welsh medium services, providing a translation service and ensuring that the Health Board is compliant with the Welsh Language Standards.

The Welsh Language Standards have replaced the Welsh Language Scheme

Follow this link to view the Welsh Language Standards Regulations 

Follow this link to view the Compliance Notice - Section 44 Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011

Welsh Language Standards

The Welsh Language Standards are a set of statutory requirements which are relevant to the Health Board. They state clearly our responsibilities to provide bilingual services to patients and the public.

There are a 121 Standards in all, split into 4 main areas of compliance. 

Service Delivery Standards  

These standards state the specific requirements on the Health Board when dealing with the public. Including when we deal with correspondence, telephone calls, meetings, events and external communication channels.

Policy Making Standards 

These Standards state what we should consider when developing any new policy, protocol or scheme.

Operational Standards 

These state how we use the Welsh Language within internal processes.

Record Keeping Standards 

These relate to our evidence in complying with the Standards.

Everyone who works for the Health Board is responsible for complying with the Standards.

Follow this link to view the Welsh Language Annual Report 2019-2020

Follow this link to view the Welsh Language Annual Report 2020-2021

For further information, please contact:
Welsh Language Services Team, Headquarters, Swansea Bay Health Board, One Talbot Gateway, Port Talbot, SA12 7BR. 

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