The Occupational Therapy Activity Management Group

Persistent pain often affects quality of life. Engagement and enjoyment in valued activities can become increasingly difficult or avoided completely.  People often describe a cycle of over doing things on a ‘good day’ when pain is tolerable, followed by a ‘bad day’ when pain flares-up (often referred to as a ‘boom and bust cycle’). Pain flare-up results in enforced rest and withdrawal from valued activities. Living with this cycle can become frustrating, confusing and limiting.

Occupational Therapists, specialising in Persistent Pain Management, aim to support you to change this cycle by increasing your confidence and ability to pace. Through using pacing strategies, you can learn how to keep pain at tolerable levels allowing you to re-engage with meaningful activities. In the two sessions over three weeks, there is a focus on practicing these strategies at home to consolidate learning.

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