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Medication information

Due to the increasing number of cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) across the UK, health services like GP surgeries, local chemists and hospitals are very busy.

Please remember to order your regular medication from your GP, local pharmacy or other specialist in plenty of time, before you run out.

The renal department will continue to supply medication that we usually supply to you. We are not able to give you medication that your GP, local pharmacy or other specialists usually provide.

If you receive medication from the renal department please order them in the usual way. Be sure not to run out of medication. Our contact details are below:


Renal Medicines Service contact information:

Telephone: 01792 531293

SMS text message: 07860017368



Renal Anaemia Service contact information:

Telephone: 01792 703392


Helpful information:

PatientView will allow you to see your blood results, your medication and any recent changes to the medication that we supply to you

  • Store our contact details and share them with friends and relatives


Yours sincerely,

The Renal Department, Morriston Hospital.

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