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COVID-19 treatment for people not in hospital with kidney disease

Page updated: 28/03/2022

Some people with kidney disease, with the highest risk of hospitalisation and complications from COVID-19 may be eligible to receive treatment, without being admitted to hospital.

Eligible people will be offered one of the following treatments:

  • A ‘one-off’ infusion of a monoclonal antibody, given in a local treatment centre. OR
  • An intravenous antiviral treatment, given in a local treatment centre. OR
  • A 5 day oral antiviral treatment, sent to your home by post. 

Treatment can be offered following a positive COVID test.  You will have to submit the positive lateral flow result to the UK Government website or ring 119. Go to this page on the UK Government website to submit a LFT result. 

Eligible people will be contacted by an expert clinician to discuss the above treatment options. Not all available treatments are suitable for people with kidney disease, or are taking certain medicines.

These treatments must be started within 5 days of a positive COVID test result and onset of symptoms.

If you feel you are eligible and have not been contacted, please speak to your local renal unit.

For more information about these treatment options please following the links to the videos:

Covid Treatment Video (English)  / Covid Treatment Video (Welsh)

For more information on Covid-19 treatments, specific to Wales, please follow this link to the Welsh Government website.

For general UK-wide information on Covid-19 treatments, including the eligibility list, please follow this link to the Kidney Care UK website. 

Please note: Some of the UK information differs by country; look for sections specific to Wales.

Contact the Renal Medicines Service on 01792 531293 if you need advice.

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