Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder Service (SBUHB & Bridgend)

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This service comes under the Regional Neuropsychology Service. It provides input for individuals with non-epileptic seizures (NEADS) in the SBUHB and Bridgend areas. In some cases patients have both NEADS and epilepsy. The service currently has funding for a part-time (2 days) practitioner psychologist and a clinical nurse specialist working in the Epilepsy Service for one half day a week. This presents significant challenges in terms of meeting the complex needs of this patient group. Only a very limited number of sessions can be provided for assessment and advice (maximum 3-4). The service is being re-designed due to high demand. At present there is a waiting time of over two years (contact the Regional Neuropsychology Service Co-ordinator on 01792 703516 for further information).

Common conditions that co-occur alongside NEADs include: long-standing severe mental health problems including anxiety, depression, psychosis and personality difficulties (engagement difficulties, self-harm, suicide). Additionally, the significant majority of clients have a history of complex trauma including sexual abuse and relational/attachment difficulties. Furthermore, as well as their immediate clinical needs, patients commonly present with a wide range of other difficulties which serve to maintain their challenges. These often include: employment, finance and benefit issues, driving, social isolation, relationships and complex family dynamics. Each patient therefore typically requires co-ordinated, multi-agency management to ensure their needs are met consistently, although the service is not currently able to deliver this.

Vision Going Forward

To develop a specialist Regional Functional Neurological Service which includes NEADS. The service model adopted would be an integrated stepped care multi-disciplinary approach aimed at enabling individuals to understand their symptoms and learn to self-manage from the point of diagnosis onwards. The earlier the intervention the better the outcome.

For further information on NEADS:

Follow this link to the Neuro Symptoms website

Follow this link to a patient information booklet on Non-Epileptic Attacks

Follow this link to the NEAD Non-Epileptic Attack Disorder website

Referral Criteria:
  • SBUHB and Bridgend clients only aged - 18 upwards   
  • Have a neurological diagnosis of NEADS as confirmed by MRI and VEEG
  • Referrals are currently only accepted from a neurologist in SBUHB
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