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Class 2 - What we spend and how we spend it

  • Financial audit reports
    • Information regarding financial audit reports can be found in the Financial Audit Committee papers which is a sub-committee of the Health Board. Reports from the Audit Committee are submitted regularly to Health Board Meetings.  For further information please contact the Board Secretary at Swansea Bay Headquarters on (01639) 683323.
    • The Audit Committee’s full Terms of Reference can be found in the Standing Orders and Financial Instructions.
  • Capital Programme

The Health Board follows the guidance issued by the Welsh Government regarding capital programmes. The Strategy and Planning Committee approve the capital programme for descretionary capital sums, recommend to the board the prioritisation of All Wales Capital Schemes, scrutinise major business plans prior to submission to the Welsh Government, ensure a balanced Capital Resource Limit and capital programme, provide a co-ordinated approach to the Health Board's capital plans and monitor delivery of the annual plan and longer term capital programme.  For further information please contact the Board Secretary at Swansea Bay Headquarters on (01639) 683323. The Health Board's Integrated Medium Term Plan (IMTP) also provides details of the Health Board's plans for the next three years.

  • Staff pay and grading structures
    • Salaries paid to staff of Swansea Bay University Health Board are determined in accordance with Agenda for Change.
    • Salaries paid to Board members and Executive Directors are published in the Swansea Bay University Health Board's Annual Report.
    • The Health Board's 'pay multiple' - the ratio between the highest paid salary and the median average salary of the whole of the Health Board’s workforce is published within the annual accounts  under the section ‘Employee benefits and staff numbers’.
    • Agency Staff – the spend on medical agency staff 2014/15
  • Funding
    • Information regarding our accounts can be found in the Trusts Annual Report
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